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What Happened To Alife : The Rise and Fall of A Streetwear Brand

What happened but to Alife NYC? They were a key part of the streetwear sneaker collab boom in the mid 2000s but have run into some issues lately, and have managed to make our rise and fall of a streetwear brand series.

Founded in 1999, Alife® is a streetwear and culture brand also retailer of men's clothing, sneakers, footwear, and art based out of New York City. Alife prides themselves on being a multi-tasking, multi-faceted, lifestyle driven company. Well known for its cultural work, branded product, experiential retail concepts, art exhibitions, top-tier co-branded collaborations and live music events.

Alife was one of the first streetwear brands to gain footing back in the early days of the industry. But over the years they are not quite the players they use to be. In this video we'll discus the history of Alife, how they started, became prominent and eventually fell from the platform from which they sat.


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