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What Happened To Original Fake x Kaws - The Rise And Fall Of A Streetwear Brand

How many remember Original Fake by Kaws? The relationship between art and commerce has always been a contentious one. Purest have always warned about the consequences of muddying art with economics, but why? For people like Kaws and many other modern mainstream artist, this notion has been discarded. Not only did Kaws discard it, but he has become insanely rich and popular off his work. Some of that work was through the brand Original Fake. OF got pretty big for a time and was among the more known streetwear brands in the genre and one of the most sought after collaborations But over the years, I haven't seen much from them, have you? Why is that? Let's find out. I'm Nate the great from and this is the rise and fall of Original Fake


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