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"Yeezy Talk" - Kanye West And The Creative Process Behind Yeezy Sneakers

Today Yeezy, - Present "Ye", Yesterday "Kanye West", the person is an icon, - his entertainment image is an ever expanding culture and ultra expanded fashion story riddle. 

Recently we featured the newest vision for the first of its DNA Yeezy basketball shoe to be released this summer and its innovation is intriguing, nothing short of what we've come to recently expect from the more "simple" mono tone eccentric Kanye West!

The process to the Yeezy super sub culture is just as mind "bobbling"however. In a short and silent comic punching interview with Forbes, Kanye drops a few drops of the sauce behind the Yeezy soul and the foundational markings of what has become one of the Top selling and most highly adorned shoe lines to be deemed "the wave" in contemporary urban high fashion / urban footwear.

In the Forbes snippet, Kanye divides the birds and the bees on the entire Yeezy process while of course intentionally conversationally meshing all his creative thought processes and the "state" of his individual iconic experience.

Just a little slow to begin, the montage does get tasty as he steps into a large circle of "Yeezy land" and explains all the inner details and "whys and why nots" of his Yeezy creative channeling and inspiration.

Very cool to see all the shoe palettes spread about and always a laugh and chuckle to hear "Ye" quietly create and cause mini social controversy via all his short isms and left field questions!!

If you're a functioning #Yeezy client or faithful collector connoisseur, you're in for a little treat! Long live the best West / Creative #KanyeWest!!! Yeezy Season is in full effect ya'll !!!



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