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YEEZY X Adidas Basketball Shoe, Beauty in the Making!

To be Released!!!!

Apparently "hot boi''" shoe caterer Adidas and #Kanyewest have a itchy finger and this moment in time looks like the official unveiling of the long awaited very unique Yeezy Basketball exclusive!

EXTREMLEY determined and ALWAYS MOST consistent to his highest creative works, Kanye has been more than successful with the entire Yeezy footwear threshold!

The Boost has gone crazy and has no doubt become a clear individual forerunner for each drop no matter who the competitor is at the same dropping point! - Its even been whispered that Ye' Ye' will clear into the 65 Million dollar mark after his 5 percent royalty payout of the over 1.3 BILLION dollars that Yeezy will clear this year alone!!! 

Low key sightings of the Yeezy Basketball joint has been seen fashionably flaunted via his krispy queen Kimmy #KimKardashian however no official date has been marked yet! The hold up?...  Well it wouldn't be Yeezy without drama on the scene right!!!.

- The NBA has apparently already sent the ban flags for the shoes boisterous reflective additives stating that they will serve "great interference to stadium lighting and flash photography" around the league...

However come on guys you think the NBA's gonna curb an all out urban basketball revolution for the faithful accents of genius on the #Yeezy new born. Yea right. You know what's coming. Expect em' Summer this year!!!!  Blaze Em' Ye' - we love the vision!!!! - We all know where this is headed!!!    


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