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Streetwear News: A Look At The Supreme Money Gun, Off White x Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

1 Off White x Jordan 1 So pix of these surfaced 1st a few weeks ago, and I didn't want to report on them because we weren't sure if they would actually release or if they were just a tease whipped up by some savvy photo shopper for he sole purpose of getting us all worked up for nothing. A week has passed and now more pix have been spotted, and although we still don't know when or if they will release, it at least looks like signs are a bit more positive now. Virgil Abloh and team's 1st foray with Nike came by way of experimental takes on the Nike Air Force 1 Low and the Nike Blazer, but those pale in comparison to what the designer did with the iconic Air Jordan 1 model.The avant-garde take on his Airness's 1st signature silhouette starts with a classic Chicago bulls colorway base, perhaps the most stand out feature for me is the absence of the swoosh logo from the inside medial region leaving only prefferated dots behind. Then having been oversized and relocated to the outside and reattached with stand out orange and blue accent stitch. Continuing the everything in quotes trend, "Air" can be seen emblazoned on the sole where Nike would later place there signature air bubble, and "shoelace" on the you guessed it, shoelaces. The leather on the toe and upper have been replaced with black and white cloth respectively. The kid Virgil speared none in the detail department as the Jordan 1 rendition is chalked with eye catching extras from the hidden 85 on the inside leather flap to the Off White stamp of approval. Unarguably, it’s a highly experimental and “out-there” interpretation of the classic model, and one that is sure to polarize opinion. And in my opinion, I say they won. Keep your ears and eyes pealed for more info. 2. Bridgestone Air Free Tire Tire company Bridgestone has designed a bike tire that basically insures none of us suffer a flat tire ever again. Using an “air-free” concept, the Japanese company has created a tire that uses a unique structure of spokes made from thermoplastic resin requiring no air. The material supports the rider’s weight by stretching along the inner sides of the wheel and is made from recyclable material. Thermoplastic resin becomes flexible when heated and hardens when cooled and this is why it was chosen, it's very easily manipulated. In 2011, Bridgestone patented an “air-free” car tire. With sustainability in mind, the company has succeeded in its attempts on a bicycle tire and a car tire could potentially be in the near future. This would obviously revolutionize the tire industry and make all our lives easier. 3. The Roc Under Armor Fastest Selling Sneaker of the Year Earlier this month Under Armour and The Rock released the first-ever SuperVent Project Rock apparel and footwear collection – and the results were unbelievable. When released on April 5 the "Project Rock Delta" sold out immediately, the company issued a restock but these too were gone within hours of dropping. Sensing that they may have finally struck gold, Under Armor halted production instantly making them an official collectors item. UA claims the delta to be there fastest selling sneaker of 2017. What do you think of the colab by Under Armor and the People's Champ? Let us know in the comment section. 4. supreme money gun Supreme has released its fair share of weird and crazy accessories over the past few seasons, from Metro Cards to bricks, nunchucks to bible stash boxes, and air horns. Though its tough for the brick to be dethroned as the most absurd offering ever released, the money gun has got to be pretty high on the list. After being teased in the brand’s SS17 accessories lookbook earlier this year, the toy gun finally got its hotly-anticipated release this week and in traditional supreme fashion sold out in minuets. As for the legalistics, The CashCannon Money Gun is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gun-shaped toy that you can load with fake (or real) paper cash, point in the air pull the trigger, and make it rain on a stripper, or whomever you choose to make it rain on at that moment.


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