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Top 10 Essentials For Every Man's Closet

Every stylish man loves clothes its like peanut butter and jelly, it goes together without a doubt, so here are 10 essentials for every Man.

1. A field jacket

Field jackets are just a go to jacket when you go to the super market or any place simple, it is also just the right fit to look fly outdoors.


When a man wants to go out with his friends to the bar or catch a game, you don't wanna look like slobs, but you also don't wanna go too over done. A flannel is a go to outfit when you just want to chill out.

3. Stonewash Denim

Every guy should own at least one pair of these. It's one of the most important, baby blue slim fit jeans. These go great with any T-shirt or any shirt in general that's why its called a go to, your late for anything just throw on some slim fit jeans and any t-shirt and your still looking right, topped off with a pair of fresh sneakers.

4. Classic White Sneakers

Speaking of sneakers, it's clear to see why these make the list. They are clean, simple and match everything. Rather Stan Smith, Ultra Boost, or Cream White Yeezys you can't go wrong with a pair of white kicks for the summer.

5. Polo Shirt

Going out to a dinner that's not too fancy but not quite unimportant? A polo shirt would be perfect, polo shirts are just plain and simple. It's hard to go wrong with this tried and true classic, it comes in a variety of colors and styles. So pick your brand of choice and go crazy.

6. Bomber Jacket

Number 6 is a jacket that's super trendy right now. The Bomber jacket is an amazing throwback and a must have especially this year. This style is definitely one of the biggest trends at the moment and a super cool look, so i would definitely suggest buying one. Simple as that.

7. Classic Denim Jacket

Another really trendy jacket right know that is also a throwback. The Denim jacket is a very important essential to look cool while running daily errands. Just put on anything and a denimn jacket and some shades, fix your hair a little bit, and your perfect to go. Some are even really cheap depending on where you find it , this is great feeling material and can pretty much be worn in any season except the super hot summer of course. But during the rest of the year this is definitely a go to look.

8. A Business Casual Look or Two

This one is important, a business casual outfit including any dress shoes, oxford shirt, black or blue pants, and a tie. This look is essential to show that you can step your grown man game up from time to time, helping you remain stylish for any interview or classy dinner dates. A good hint is to get all your clothes tailored to your size so it doesn't look baggy and it looks perfect on you. This is one of the most important essentials on this list for sure.

9. Manly Bag/Backpack

Essential 9 an every day manly bag, this is also important if your a business man or a college kid you're going to be lugging around laptops, paperwork and other stuff, these bags are also super stylish so it's not only piratical, but fashion statement.

10. Watch

This may or may not be the most important essential on the list, not only that it's a unique accessory for every man's wardrobe. Reserved only for those with great style, (all others simply use there phones). The watch is like a cherry on top, men can wear the same clothes and styles but what distinguish them is what's on the wrist. Watches can be very pricey but are arguably the most important essential next to the shoes.

The most important thing to remember is you don't have to get this stuff from the biggest brands to compile a stylish look, its the materials, texture, colors and how you put it together that counts.


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