10 Of The Most Influential Sneaker Ever Released

It's hard to beleave for anyone under the age of abut 35 but there actually was a time where sneakers were not as huge in the daily lives of so many. As long as I have known sneakers have been main stream, and today they are bigger than ever. We will be taking a look 10 of the most influential sneakers ever to release, these can be viewed as ancestors that ushered in the rise of the sneaker culture.

air jordan 1 og

Air Jordan 1- These shoes changed basketball history. Especially since at first Jordans sneakers were banned from the NBA. This shoe is a good texture and mix of leather and cotton, creating one of the most influential shoe of all time.

adidas stan smith

Stan smith- These shoes are impressively one of the best sneakers ever made, from a great tennis shoe to a fashion statement these shoes are just the way to go when you think clean, classic, anytime shoes.

converse Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors- This is the All American shoe, and it also used to be the only basketball shoe in the NBA, converse look great in every condition and they started it all. OG status has to make them one of the best of sneakers of all time.