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How To Maintenance and Upkeep DREADLOCKS: A General Style Guide

How To Maintenance Clean and Upkeep DREADLOCKS

One of my favorite hairstyles is dreadlocks because 1. It’s all up to the person to decide on how they want them to look, and 2. They’re great for any type of hair, weather, or social event. Dreadlocks are perfect if you're that type of person that can’t keep up with a daily hair routine, pretty much all you have to do is get up, rinse it to keep them from getting dried out and dry them. That's it. You have the option of styling them the way you’re down to do, like a bun or a ponytail or just let them flow in the wind. Most of the time, they kind of do whatever they want but it’s up to you.

The great thing about them though is that you're adding a physical part of your personality to your body. Yeah, people might think that you’re messy, dirty, lazy, but with most people who have dreads are hard working people that have goals of their own that they will soon be accomplished. Anyways, there are stages to having dreadlocks, but I’ll save that for another time.

If you are interested in getting them, then do as much research and watch as many videos on them as you can, until you feel comfortable getting them. People of any and every hair type can get them so don’t think that your hair won’t lock up because trust me it will. There’s a whole community of people who have dreads everywhere you go and they’ll support you all the way. Having dreadlocks is a way of life that makes it worth it. Giving a more zen feel.

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