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Casio G-SHOCK Drops an All-Black Cobarion MR-G

Casio G-SHOCK Drops an All-Black Cobarion MR-G

Casio is introducing a new and elegant timepiece to its G-SHOCK MR-G collection. This watch was inspired by traditional Japanese military commanders. The design is an all-black MRG-G2000CB makeup drawing from Kuro-Zonae (“Black Guard”) — a unit of samurai fighters who wore all dark armor. This timepiece is strong due to the fact that it's bezel is made of Cobarion, a new material that is two to three times stronger than stainless steel. So you won't have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon. It is also polished to give it a jewel effect.

Casio’s Connected Engine 3-way technology is Reuters In the center of the timepiece. This will allow it to change its time accurately anywhere in the world via your smartphone or from GPS signals.

This watch will match with any formal outfit you throw at it, so if you are looking for a beautiful ornament to go with your more classy and elegant looks, this watch is a great choice.


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