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Is Being Popular In School Really That Important?

Is it Really Important to Become the Popular in school

Well, school is back in session and everyone is getting ready for the sport’s season to start. There’s always that one guy or girl that is really popular and seems to have everyone under their spell of “I’m the cool kid so you should follow me”. To be honest being popular isn’t always like that.

Being that ”popular kid” is never as black and white as people think it is, you can be that one person that everyone enjoys being around. You walk down the hallway and you got people left and right saying, “Hey, (that person’s name).” or just a chill nod that got the same harmless meaning.

Being the popular kid shouldn’t really be at the top of your to-do list it should really be trying to get the highest GPA you can get. My friends always thought that I was considered that “popular kid” but I would always tell them that I just knew a lot. I never was the leader of some group that was with during lunch walking in a perfect formation like we were about to start a hip hop dance routine. People knew me, I knew them, we were cool.

This post is for those who feel like they have to become that one person who as the top of some stupid food chain. It’s high school, a place where you're supposed to figure out what you want your career to be in future, trying to get the highest grade you can on that test that seems impossible to pass, getting to the cafeteria early enough so you don't end up having to starve yourself because the second option seems like it might say hey. Joining a sport or a club can get you to know more people.

You’ll start to get to know each other better so you end up being good friends at the end of it. This popular thing though, it’s really not that serious.


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