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The Highly Anticipated Just Don x Jordan Brand Basketball Shorts Collection Finally Releases

Chicago designer Don C shoots another nod to MJ with a recent collaboration. For weeks now we have seen leaks of the NCAA inspired Just Don x Jordan brand casual basketball shorts and now they are finally available for purchase.

Bosting a unique design, the shorts are modeled after those popularized by Jordan in the 90s. Notice when you watch classic NBA clips (if you're too young to personally remember) form the 80s and early 90s players wore those awkwardly uncomfortable nut huggers. That is until MJ came along, he along with a few others ushered in the baggy short look

But back to the Don C shorts, they feature a shorter cut than traditional B ball shorts and pockets a welcomed addition if you plan to sport them off the court. Featuring logos from Michigan, North Carolina, and Marquette, 3 teams that were powerhouses back in the 90s as well as a black Flight design. The shorts were released with a price tag of $250 but amazingly the UNC and Michigan shorts sold out instantly so hope you like the other colors.

Along with the shorts are custom made Don C Balls, I know lol but seriously there's a snakeskin football going for $1450, an NBA basketball for $1980 and an ABA ball retailing for $2350 all embroidered with the Just Don logo. If you would like to get your hands on the remaining colors before they too are gone then head over to the RSVP webstore, and stay tuned for more info.


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