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"HOW YOU GO "BIG ON BIG"..?" The Chunky Dad Sneaker Trend Lives On

Yeezy 700 The Dad Sneaker Trend Rages On


- The Migos.

This weekend I'm at Lenox Mall in Atlanta,Ga just doing what Fashion Heads do and for some CRAZY, ODD reason, everyone's feet look obsessively LARGER than normal... LOL And No not like in a "medical" form or fashion but they're BIG because a new era has dawned in the luxury streetwear branding scene... Its called the "Orthopedic" silhouette or Chunky / Dad shoe move and if you've witnessed it, you're either ALL THE WAY IN or just all the way confused!..

"Gucci", "Balenciaga", "Acne Studios", "Chain Reaction", "Adidas", "Fendi".., They're many soft, hard and pushy names in the culture but no matter who the manufacturer or how DEATHLY abstract the product may be, the "Orthopedic" silhouette makes waves - sauce or no sauce with only ONE primary question at large.. - are you Big on "BIG"!?

Greatly influenced by Raf Simmons and a few other off shore influential icons, the chunky silhouette is a genius level exaggeration of some of yesteryear sneaker cultures less attractive shelf riders. Why the new fascination? Bold is always a bright light when traveling 300 miles an hour out of Milan's newest fashion week but the vibe is audacious. It's overly expressive, calmly provocative and while mixed with the personalit's and greater works of the world's most iconic icons like ASAP ROCKY or TWO CHAINS, the new form has found a warm embrace and an even greater presence at premium retailers in every pocket of the fashion retail geometry!

What do YOU think? Have the Orthopedics raised the bar for creative streetwear and luxury expression or is it just a short run in a more "marathon like" contemporary design and subculture?


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