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CHASIN' "THE BAG!$." Introducing the Reason Clothing - Monogram Croc. Duffel Bag

The Bridge, the sky lights, the skyline, the city scape.. "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of"... Alicia Keys - Where the Statute of Liberty stands and the city dwellers play, New York City is where "industry" creates and "the hustle" gets branded. What better enviornment for Reason Clothing to birth thier new arrival, - The CROC SKIN METAL MONOGRAM DUFFLE. - Mind of an absolute street beast, cold heart of a hustler!

Exhibiting a soft, solid presence and a high luxury street wear physique, the Reason Croc. stands high above the rest and an edge beyond the crowd. A rich brown body, Brown croc faux skin and metal bee logos to match, The Croc gets you to the bank with "steez" yet out of the norm with exclusivity. Its the bag of the day with the character, heart and classic leather scent of the ages!

Reason clothing is properly identified as a New York clothing division specializing in independent, quality, New York City based clothing. Established in 2004, Reason runs a fully loaded regime including t-shirts, caps, woven shirts, knitwear, premium denim, outwear, and "one off" premium accessories. The Monogram Croc sets you back 100.00US with the high quality presentation of a more than a 2000.00$ piece. Order yours TODAY by sending an email to ---------------. Quanities ARE limited! Dreamchasin' or Raising the Bar, you gotta add this one to the collection! Stay Chasin', Stay Drippin'$


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