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If you mention music and/or any hint towards "AtlantaWOOD" Atlanta, Ga, you can't go far before you have to mention major world artists or heavy weight independent headliners like the MIGOS or young 21 Savage! If you mention the MIGOS, you can't go far without also having to mention the likes of Future, Metro Boomin', Zaytoven, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, Yachty, Young Thug or any of the rest of the "diamond flashy southern conglomerate"!

Slide a few steps to the right though and you will also meet "SAHBABII"! Southern bred, Atlanta born, his work is well noted as some of the most elegant and ear pleasing sound and cadences among his peer group with a dominance and influence that can only be explained by his undeniable swag and laser tight musical focus.

With HUGE hits, sharp champagne "bubble bite" type flows and even larger waves including "Outstanding", "Eazy""Watery","Anime World", "Purple Ape", Titanaboa ft T3 and Marsupial Superstars ft. T3, Sahbabii has set a firm foundation to be recognized as one of Atlanta's finest musical staples and a brand name far deeper than all the "new kids on the block".

You can get a greater taste for "Sahbabii Season" via his latest genius "Squidtastic" or some of his even BIGGER Sophomore / Jr. work including SANDAS completed just a few mixtapes back. - One things for sure though - WHEREEVER you find Sahbabi on his independant World Atlas of bounce and creativity, he's sure to be "Squidtastic".! Take a coffee break with Sahbabii right here as he gives a few nuggets on his career, up and coming work and his brief interaction with Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardasian!! 100% Atlanta, 100% "Squidtastic", 115% "OUTSTANDING$$"!!


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