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Jordan 1 VIOTECH! - "Fuzzy Cold."

"Jordans never die". They only re-incarnate themselves as more savage vintage pieces of priceless history. -Unknown.

Nike strikes again December 22, 2018 with the Jordan 1 Viotech Collab with none other than Aleali May and Ms. Maya Moore! Represented as a creative integration of a wide collection of colors closely associated with both of their careers, the Viotech strikes boldly with a strong sense of the classic basketball shoe twisted slightly with two sharp teaspoons of luxurious "Louis Vuitton"!

Red, Pink, Soft Grey, Royal Purple, Royal Blue and accented black mark the aggressive color patterns selected for the Viotech while a sensual middle suede engrosses the entire top motif standing above the classic rubber lower.

Topping off the masterpiece is a faux fur tongue addition that can be easily applied and removed depending on which way its pilot wants to go. It is a VERY nice piece and GUARANTEED to set 2019 on fire!! Snatch the Viotech in North America anytime after December 22, 2018 and if you're feeling super free, grab the Jordan 10 twin which comes as additional part of the Court Lux combo!!. -- Spicy!!-- 19's Toast!!!


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