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Air Jordans - The Rise and Fall... And Rise Again | How Sneaker Collabs Saved The Brand

Over the years, #airjordan sneakers have experienced a rise and fall, and rise again to prominence in the sneaker industry.

Sneaker collabs have played a large role in this roller coaster ride the company has been on. About 3 years ago we did a video on the rise and fall of Jordan Brand. At that time there was a list of the top 10 most instagramed sneakers and Jordans came in at a surprisingly low number 18.

You see this was 2018, and Yeezys were at a peak. All the hype swarmed around Kanye West's Adidas design and Jordan Brand had slid to number 3 of the big 3 brands including Nike and Adidas. Even though we admitted in the video then that Jordan Brand is a huge name, at that time it looked kinda bad for them and seemed like it might not get better any time soon.

But as we sit here in 2021, we know it in fact did get better. But how exactly? In today's video we'll discuss the rise and fall and rise again of Jordan Brand.


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