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Say it ain't so. Ummmm - it is so. After 18+ years of a unprecedented limelight of premier innovation, industry tastemaker Apple will be ending the official ITunes platform.

Instead, the Silicon Valley forerunner and giant will be offering a new official app for all of their traditional media platforms.

What all will me miss? Nothing major is the consensus as Apple users will now have a more directed integrated opportunity to experience all of their APPLE goodie goodies!  

The ITunes giant  was originally introduced in 2001 by Mac and has had a hell of a tenure to say the least. However with the raised bar of both national and international streaming service, downloading has decreased dramatically. Sources now report over 75% of purchased music is now done via stream rather than the old school I Tunes love!

Never panic though, APPLE rarely leaves it's cronies with anything lackluster! Look for the new Apple spice via the new MacBook Pro and the new Os product line!! It's the End of an Era and a beginning of a new adventure and Apple dynasty!

Stay tuned Apple addicts!! 


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