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"Art Genius" w/ Arts, Beats & Lyrics, and street Artist "Dubleyoo

If you're into all things "hype", all things music and all things high urban art, say NO MORE we got you!!! Introducing Atlanta artist curator "Dubleyoo" and his state of the art tour masterpiece known as "Arts, Beats and Lyrics" out of Atlanta, Ga!!! - Atl, New Orleans, Louisville, St Louis, Miami... - It's one of the biggest traveling urban art exhibits in the nation!!!

Fashioned as a Saturday night hybrid of your dopest downtown club set, a LIT J Cole concert and a brand new artist showcase and party exhibition, "Arts Beats and Lyrics" is a dope brand collaboration developed by Dwayne "Dubleyoo" Wright and big marketing alliance and event promoter Jack Daniels!!

Thoroughly unique about the concept is that its not only the perfect setting to arrive, dap up the homies and create another camera full of unforgettable memories but its done in such a "sneaky", "world of dynamic creators" type of way that you cant help but want to stay all night and authentically catch the vibe!!

Arts, Beats and Lyrics CEO Dwanye "Dubleyoo" Wright is an Atlanta based urban visionary that totes a heavy collection of root centric, southern based urban street art but also has a strong vibe and connect for dope artists coming up that simply need a strong distribution model to couch their greatest work.  - So out of a pure feel for the culture and an even stronger desire to create iconic installations all around the nation, Wright's personal work birthed the conglomerate work known as ABL and the national response has been "Rule the world" (Ariana Grande / 2 Chainz) none the less all the way through!!    



If you've never heard of Dubleyoo, his wide range of work or the "Arts, Beats and Lyrics" vibe, click here to tour the set! An ABL is sure to be coming to a city near you!! 

Dubleyoo's work is stupid, the artists represented are exceptional and the events are FULL of fun and expectation!! So Pull Up!!!, its Arts, Beats & Lyrics and Dwayne "Dubleyoo" Wright sponsored by Jack Daniels - we just gave you a mouth full and you haven't even got a taste of the show yet!!! Its Art Genius!!


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