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Beyonce' Signs with Adidas, "The Partnership of a Lifetime

Queen B is never silent. Always in motion, always on top of the ball and always one step ahead! 

Get ready for #Beyoncé X #Adidas! It's been reported that Mrs. Carter has just signed a healthy deal with Adidas for "a partnership of a lifetime"!

Yonce' says the main reasons for forming the unexpected alliance with ADD lies in the fact that they share the same "values" ; ie creative design, creative freedom, social engagement and growth at the "forefront of business". 

Additionally, Adidas plans to make "B" a tier instrumental in both the footwear and apparel side of the juggernaut while integrating plans for her re-inspired platform and clothing line "Ivy Park". 

One thing we know for sure, Beyoncé always brings her A game so this collab. should be an insane contribution to both sides of the camp!  

Be on the look out for immediate marks in the pavement! Queens always upgrade the Kingdom!!

Beyoncé Knowles Carter X Adidas ; in stores soon!!


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