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Coca Cola's All New Orange Vanilla Coke "New Sip Drip!"

EVERY Major Ad campaign, EVERY Major City, EVERY Major Billboard, EVERY Major Sport, Every Major Tv Channel and Every shiny Vending machine near you!!!.. Big boy name Coca-Cola ALWAYS makes their name known and for the first time in 10 years, a new kid's on the block!! The ALL NEW Coca Cola Orange Vanilla! A fresh new "pop" and twist to your daily goodie bag!!

Debuted early last summer in Canada and probably a top secret market tester for the larger US market, The Orange Vanilla Coke has made it's way across the bridge and has all that poppy Orange / Creamsickleish punch your childhood tastebuds are oh so used to!!!

A refreshing change fresh out of the freezer or calmly poured on ice, the OV's got "plenty of kick drip" and for all of our "high spirited" night lifer's, you jussst might have a new treat to add to the early mixer!!!

The OV's now accessible anywhere you can grab any regular Coke product and is priced comparatively. So grab a friend or two and crack an "OV" Coke and a smile!!.. This one's on us!!! Sip Drip!!


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