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Dannie Riel "Ohh Canada!" - Weekly Muse

Canada OBVIOUSLY has a permanent "red stamp on the map" right now as we faithfully celebrate the Toronto Raptors brand new world reign!!!

With that said, place another bet on the Canadian side because Ms. Dannie Riel got that " dirty championship gold dust" deep in her pockets as well!! 

Born of Chinese AND French parents, Ms. Riel is popularly known on both the Instagram and YouTube side for her high speed curves and her "razor sharp point of innocence" painted behind the camera lens!

Sexy Riel boasts a healthy 1.2m Instagram buddies and loves to travel the world "eating her life way" as she coins it and striking the pose at any opportune time!! 

Dannie can be caught via her Instagram at @Dannieriel and immediately you'll catch why she's such "fan flame' to her greater demographic!!

Sweet as a Jolly Rancher and as sexy as a pure prize horse at the Kentucky Derby, Dannie Riel packs just enough punch to get any little crowd excited!! - Canada fan or not, I think we just won your affection! And don't even bother worrying about what Raptor nation is saying, we selected just the right "trophy" just for you! 

Drake you sure you wanna keep your "Money in the grave"!!?


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