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WTAPS, Tetsu Nishiyama, - you know him... and HOW ABOUT  the FORTY PERCENT AGAINST RIGHTS x Nike SB Dunk High ON ITS WAY for the tail end of October as we speak!!! 

- Ughhh - Ladies and gentleman "we have lift off..."!!!

At first glance of the new Dunk, almost immediately, you identify something special about them. - Its a look, a vibe, an "air" about them but upon deeper contemplation, no your mind isn't playing tricks on you, its an SB Dunk without a shadow of a doubt, tall in height, dark in presentation  yet hybrid classic Jordan 6 and 5 all at the same time!!

"Masterpiece" is what we would call them!! The six style tongue, the five style clean a$$ side mesh windows and the new Forty Percent trimmings scattered abroad!!! Its the SB Dunk the Jordan collector always wanted and the Jordan platform the SB collector could always imagine in the making!!

October 25th stamps the drop date for this masterful collaboration and you'll probably steal the early Christmas stocking stuffers for about 125.00 US!! Chump change if you ask us for such a smooth endeavor!!

Just when you thought Nike and the dunk couldn't get any better... "Wal-lah" Nike still has magic tricks up both sleeves - !!!!! All likes on this side bredren'!!!


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