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How Antonio Brown Ruined His NFL Career And Now His Life

Antonio Brown may never make to Canton and get his gold jacket, but he def has been inducted into the hall of fame for screw ups. Brown is a poster child for how to take tons of talent and money, and sabotage it as fast as humanly possible. He never seems to be out of the news for long, and as of late, there was a story circulating on how the arena league football team that he had purchased, has been completely kicked out of the league they played in, sending all the other teams in a scramble to adjust their schedules. How could a guy with as much ability and potential as AB, seem to keep making silly blunders like this? Why cant he simply stay out of his own way? Lets find out. I'm Nate the Great from and this is the rise and fall of Antonio Brown, the Dark Side of fame.

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