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How Johnny Dang Immigrated To America And Built A Jewelry Empire

Remember TV Jonny Dang? Ever wonder how a Vietnamese immigrant who moved to Texas could become the top diamond jewelry supplier for America’s biggest hip hop stars and entertainers? The Houston rap boom of the early 2000s was marked with flashy gold chains and the iconic grill, much of which had been provided by TV Johnny. Which propelled him onto the level of jeweler to the stars, Over his two decades as a jeweler, the 47-year-old has sold grills, watches, and pendants to everyone from Kanye West, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne and tons of others. He's had his name shouted out in songs, been in music videos and has played a huge role in shaping the rap jewelry culture of the era. But how did it all start? How did a kid from Vietnam start from nothing and turn it into a jewelry empire? Well let's find out, I'm Nate The Great from and this is the history of TV Johnny Dang.


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