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Icewear Vezzo & Big Sean, "BALANCE" New Video Drop

Detroit, Mi. - Cold, stoic, unpredictable, silent... Enter Icewear Vezzo & Dtown's finest Big Sean! The new project.. - "Balance"; a well thought visual and audible mind bender fresh out of the blender!

Both premium Detroit property and both respectively carving their own "yellow brick roads" within the creative contexts of their given genres, Sean and Vezzo raise the bar and pay a very well thought out tribute to the D in the platform.

Elaborating on the plush "high sides" of rap and flashy current rap culture, both artists chop a "jenga" like concept into a matrix like urban city backdrop including stacked purple Ferraris in the living room, spicy rope gold chains connecting skyscrapers and a huge money based Jenga rendition that creatively tells the thrills behind leisurely stacking the bag and enjoying every minute of it!   

With light hints of Big Sean "moving on" at this pivotal phase of his life, career and relationship decisions, Balance looks like a nice little free throw to his much awaited return to next quarter in his game!

Catch the full visual right here at take and tell us what you think about the heavy metaphorical concept! Fans of both artists should be well pleased! It's a new direction headed for a triumphant destination! Keep grindin' boys!! - creative Detroit 100%! 


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