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Lebron James "Bron 15 / Air Yeezy 1"- Spotted

No playoff pressure for the King of the newly revamped LA Lakers means more time and more focus for all his other "fine endeavors" that make the big bad James machine work! 

This week it was the Nike Elite Basketball League where the icon was spotted wearing a 1 of 1 pair of Bron 15's nicely drawn up from the Yeezy 2009 Nike Collab!

Doused in a familiar color palette similar to the "Net" colorway, Bron's golden off season footwear feature a pinched Yeezy cotton mix body, elegantly attached middle strap and tongue straps as well as a host of pinkish brown, "silver spark" that gets our mouths watering and toes twitchin'!

Where can you snag em?! At this point, ummm you can't but small speculation points to a possible unexpected Air #Yeezy 2 magic trick in the works!!

You know these boys..., suggestion, suggestion, - manifestation!! Keep your eyes peeled regardless, we gotta another NikeXJames UFO in the atmosphere!!   

Enjoy your offseason Mr. James!! We're diggin' the sexy shoe combo chief!! 


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