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Lil Pump! // "Harvard Dropout": Music Release

"Too much ice, Too much ice, Too much ice MEEE!!! ------- I'm the youngest flexer out here, know you heard bout MEEE!! OHHHH!!! --- 

You already know, - it's #LilPump, it's wild, it's right, and its here!!!

The ESSSSSKETIT rapper that's done Pluto type work around his smash single "Gucci Gang" and his recent go crazy record "I love it" ft. Kanye West and Adele Givens has his head in his books, his mind on his money and his reach on crazzy!!

Features on this head banger and car crasher include all the big names as well - Quavo. Kanye West. 2Chainz. Smokepurp. Offset. Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Wayne. YG!!

The Faves.

"Too Much Ice ft  Quavo."

"Who Dat."

"Nu uh."

"Butterfly Doors." 

And after that, uh...... that's on you!!! 

Pump Scores big on all platforms and whether you're an immediate fan or a "test shopper" enjoying all the hoopla and fan fare, Harvard Dropout does what all of Lil Pumps ridiculous discography does ; silently get under your skin and secretly make you enjoy the show!!!

ESSSSKETITTT on all major streams and Pump worthy college campus's!! --- It's LIL PUMPPP!!!!! (Star mantra!!

Go cop dat!!  


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