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Los Angeles Lakers, "Less Magic", New Direction

Its extremely difficult to keep a job in the NBA no matter what your last name is. If the team is happy, the top office is mad. If the office is satisfied, the players want more of every and anything! It takes a very intelligent and charismatic personality to keep the spotlight from burning all the essential "stars" in a top quality organization! 

It seemed as though that "magic" man was Mr.. Magic Johnson himself out in superstar Hollywood, California but abruptly dropped this Tuesday, Magic has softly stepped away from the Los Angeles Lakers... An unexpected divide and a new direction for the young supreme squandering superpower!...

In a emotional and somewhat saddening public interview, Magic declared he'd be stepping away as President of Operations due to expanding personal business and genuine need to focus on other portions of his own magic kingdom.

Adding to the surprise, rumors were also in the air that the entire coaching staff would also be fired after the clubs last game as well. Crazy Season for a shiny young team so immediately assembled overnight at the beginning of the season!   

Of course the big question is how's Lebron and Co.?! Well, apparently not that bad, him, Rondo, Lonzo Ball and McGee were spotted out and about after the final season loss taking in the vibe in the city and having a good time amongst industry peers and L.A. litty night lifers.

The new legacy L.A. Lakers finish the regular season 37-45 with a few broken pieces but all and all, did or are we expecting way too much from an infant late season top contender? What do you guys think!? Magic "Dust" or more successful acts to follow!?

You know the deal.., - less "Magic" but Hollywood Stars shine brighter at night time! Expect the planets to realign quickly and the "King"dom to be restored in no time! New directions' on the way! - Don't sell all your new Lakers gear quite yet!!!! The main ball's still in the King's hands!!           


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