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Pusha T. Cold AS$ Cochella 2019 X Adidas

If you're a "Coachella" nut, it's known that every year and every act can either create one of a kind moments we all vividly remember or highly fashionable performances and "pop ups" that somehow capture everyone's wandering attention!! 

2019. - No different, LIVE main stage, artists from the ENTIRE scale of creative music and spring Cali experiences second to none!!

Enter "pull up" King Push, full David Green White fit, a "snow" filled stage backdrop and a secret Adidas "Osweego" shoe collab warm off the stitch! The presentation proved to be a solid winner at the annual festival and nothing short of the culture traditional "opposite paint strokes" from luxury trap rap's creative Kingpin - P.U.S.H.!

Decked in a one off street set exclusively created by Craig Green, Push flooded the California crowd with winter cold waves fresh from his "Daytona" album and a catchy stage presence of street cred laced in all white!

The Craig Green piece featured a very martial arts style strap heavy upper with a very upscale pants application matched to a new Adidas / PUSH combo that's in the works for later this year! Joined by the likes of the Arianna Grandes, Khalids, Normanis, Bad Bunnys and Childish Gambinos of the world, PUSH etched a nice little mark for himself amongst the expansive showcase on board for this year's set!

Always dope to be different, always an artist traveling on a different creative frequency, PUSH is making the culture moves he's always made ; independent, dominantly and totally unapologetically!

The Chella continues for Weekend 2, April 19 - 21 and the artists are endless. Get a solid shakedown at the site at!

Nice work PUSH, - cold stance in the glorious palms of Indio California! And look for a larger dose of Pusha's adidas closet to emerge later this year!!           

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