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Rick Ross X Clique Tv - Exclusive Interview

"Fatboy" Ricky Rose' is having quite an experience at the moment! Spending a little "quiet" time out in Asia, fresh new music just dropped with the boi' Gucci Mane entitled "BreadTall" and features splashed all over the place including bangers with Jim Jones, DJ Khaled, Drake and new comer Nicole Bus!!!

If you know a "rappers" rapper, the Boss is "that one" head to toe and anything that carries his name and/or branding on it is most definitely going to carry a class and distinction primary and privy to him and him alone! - Easily put, Rose' "come with the greatness" whether you visually catch it in the mainstream of day to day hip hop or directly on the front lines of the most lyric heavy and high content driven music content that rests on and behind some of the hottest names and in the business!!!

This month Rickey caught up with world culture connoisseur Cliquetv in a soft conversational interview entitled "Ready to live" - a splashy lil back drop to the Legendary Biggie Smalls "Ready to Die" campaign!!

The interview circulates around the vast creativity of Ross, his very iconic presence in his own lane at MMG and his own Hip Hop persona as well and his views, feels and vibes on items like urban economics, the state of United States rule, music and its current motion as well as a few hints to his next new project to come "Port of Miami" 2!!

Hardcore hip hop fan or avid Ross streamer, the interview is a great 1 hour backdrop to a very successful and shiny existence of a prolific rapper in the modern backdrop from the obscure and murky backyard of Miami, Fl! 

Catch the full sit down via the link below as well as a nice little test drive of Clique Tv if you're unacquainted. - Classic Ross, new vision, its a good one for the real Hip Hop fan in you!



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