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So Does This Mean The OVO Curse Is Done???

If you were anywhere near Jurassic Park Thursday night, the scene WAS  A B S O L U T E L Y  ------- B A N A N A S!!!!!!!!!

Fanfare EVERYWHERE!! Cameras, camera crews, police mobs, lights, camera, ACTION, confetti, "party", - when you bring it home like the #Raptors did late Thursday night , what more could you possibly ask for!!

And the game!? Far from pretty, every third commercial, there was an injury, an outlandishly bogus call or a Hollywood flop that deserved an Emmy in any category! 

The late Third, and Middle Fourth quarter was the biggie though, an injured Klay Thompson took the overall energy of the game into a different mode but still wildly competitive even up to a 4, 3, 2, and 1 point spread of overall all the way to the final buzzer!!

In the end however it was The North though!! 114 / 109 and saggy group of "Golden Warrior" faces!! The after party  was LITTY and of course Drake was the ambassador mascot of the evening with a TEEMING city of Toronto wildly partying in the street on standby!!  

All and all it's been a CRAZY season for the Toronto Raptors!  Many small changes became significant pressure points that have catapulted the team to a historic 2019 championship finish!

Very nicely done, - we're sure victory of this magnitude is beyond sweet!! Catch a whiff for yourself via the clip we've provided here!! The energy and sprite of the city was CRAZY!!! The Raptors are 2019 NBA Champions BABY!

So does this finally mean the #Drake OVO curse is dead? You be the judge, comment and let us know what you think.


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