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The History of Trap Music: Settling the Debate Is It T.I. or Gucci Mane

Trap Music has probably been the most popular sub genre of rap for quite some time. It's spawned a host of artistic offspring, and like it or not, shaped an entire generation.

You can always tell a trap song by the signature beat style—it's stuttering kick drums, and hi-hats and of course 808s and synths.

Not long ago both TI and Gucci Mane staked clam as being the inventor of Trap music, and weather you got off the porch in 2003 to TI's Trap Misik album or in 05 with Gucci's Trap House, you might argue that one of them actually did. But the fact is, the roots for what would be latter crowned "Trap Music" was actually laid out years earlier than either of the 2 rappers.


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