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The History of Women in Hip Hop, Best Women Rappers of All Time.

Were Back, and what better way to make our grand return than a history of women in rap video? Women have played a huge role in the growth of rap music over the years, and this video highlights some of the ladies who pioneered rap music.

In it's inception, hip hop was about the rebel spirit. Born out of the mud, and brought to you by individuals whom with out it saw no other way out. This artistic determination bleed through into the music, crafted by the creative repurposing of music that already existed, the success of the genre’s MCs was based on their willingness to shatter old forms and wield the shards to create a new style of self-expression that was all their own.

We've done videos on the history of hip hop which cited the contributions of guys like Run DMC, Ice T and 2Pac, but the story is not complete with out some of the ladies who not only paved the way, but chipped in in a large capacity to what we know Rap to be today.


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