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"The London" - Young Thug, J. Cole, Travis Scott // "That Bounce"

A few weeks back ardent rumors began to surface that Young Thug was privately "seeking" J. Cole to Executive Produce his next project. - Of course in response, "purist" hip hop patrons exploded and said NO WAY... 

J. Cole - too "substantial", Young Thug, - too "Young Thug", - I mean what would the album sound like...? : "it would just be an absolute mess and a horrible mixture to "clean up on aisle 6"...

Well the chemicals have all hit the floor and what's the result!? A cross genre banger that's got enough bounce to keep you tranced and enough "substance" to make you want yet another dose!!!

Shotgunned by a super playful Thug in the first section and a sneak peak hand off to Cole in the second half, "The London" fuses not only two but three completely different genres of cool and creates one totally unexpected conglomerate of all three chemists.

The track is produced by T Minus and was initially previewed at Rolling Loud in Miami. You can most likely catch it and its equal pairings on Thugs new album entitled 'GOLDMOUF'DOG' heading our way shortly.

Catch "The London" on all platforms and matching streaming sets.  - Just the right bounce to get you up and moving this evening as well as the weekend at large!  


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