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The Madness Begins. March Madness 2019 - It's Duke Season Baby

After a scary collision with unforeseen late season adversity, #Zion Williamson of the #1 seed #Duke Blue Devils was the topic of high speculation when his left foot involuntary came completely out of his game spec Nike PG 2.5's.

Duke, the NBA and anything attached to the Zion Williamson banner at that point could only hope and wait to see what would come about after such a freak incident. - Fast Forward today. Number 1 Seed, ACC championship win over FSU and Zion hasn't missed a beat!!

But just because Dukes magic fairy granted their #1 wish, that doesn't mean the rest of the NCAA is going to sit back and join the Blue and White Sunday evening toast!  Matching record, there are 4 #1 Seeds including the likes of Duke, Gonzaga, big dawg North Carolina and Virginia ; all very fast paced, MORE than well capable teams with plenty of leadership personal and overall experience to get it done!! 

68 teams, a varying number of odds and bets all headed in one direction, it's gonna be a head on collision like two heavyweight freight trains heading in the same direction!!

The scouts will be out, the tension will be high and the outcomes are virtually unpredictable! But when the smoke clears look for the boys in blue to be the favorite lurking around that 2019 NCAA trophy!! The secret sauce is all in Mr. Mt. Zion!! 


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