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"The New Toronto", Demar Derozan Taylor Rooks Exclusive Interview

The Toronto Raptors have shocked the world with not only a very healthy regular season push to the 2019 NBA Finals but they've also tightened up the belt with a crazy Game 1 Victory and an even more heroic Game 3 win to take the series lead against the championship Golden State Warriors!

Furthermore, the energy "in the 6" also associated and known as "Jurassic Park" Raptors side has been NEXT LEVEL as well!!

The "unsaids"... The "Sacrificial Lamb" has had his WHOLE hand and a STUPID overall contribution to the overall molecular structure and culture to the Raptors new found success!! In a very inspirational short interview and set Demar kicks the sh$ts with the elegant Ms. Taylor Rooks as they thoroughly discuss DeRozan the King, DeRozan the Saint and DeRozan the "Sacrificial lamb" that has prolifically disbursed his gifts not only to the Raptors organization but to a new home in Texas with Gran Daddy Pop' out in San Antonio!!

More than the Raptors and more than just basketball, the interview is just a great look into a special NBA players mind, heart and soul for what he does, how he does it and where he is post his magic Raptors tenure!

You always get it here first at!! Pour up a cold glass of your favorite afternoon favorite and catch a vibe with the boi' DD - it tis a treat indeed!!  


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