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The Rise And Fall And Rise Again Of Nike SB Dunk : History Of A Classic

The Nike SB Dunk, next to the AF1 and the Jordan 1, is probably the most iconic silouet in Nike history. (Yeah I wonder why?) Over the years the dunk has had countless collaborations, and Since debuting in 1985, has become a staple in sneaker subculture . The resurgence over the last few years or so has managed to push the legend to even further heights with the hype reaching a crescendo once they incorporated the assistance of Travis Scott and the late Virgil Abloh. But have you ever wondered how it all started for the SB Dunk? How could a shoe that to the non decreeing eye looks strikingly similar to the AF1 and the Jordan 1 , get so independently popular? Well lets find out, I'm Nate the Great from and this is the rise and fall and rise again of the Nike SB Dunk.


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