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Jerry Lorenzo's Fear Of God X Nike Moccasin

We all know know Jerry Lorenzo? Mr. Fear of God brand "God King"? Well Mr. Lorenzo has his hands in the paint again with the newest up and coming collab release with Nike, the uber clean Jerry Lorenzo Fear Of God X Nike Moccasin!

With many creative units of success with branding cousin Nike, Jerry always tears fashionable rips in the creative conversation exhibiting very futuristic vibes and tones of modern / present fashionable tones.

The F.O.G. X NIKE Pure Platinum Moccasin gets a splashy silver upper accompanied by a single strap, a mono button and a tasty draw string in the back.

You can expect the F.O.G. X NIKE Pure Platinum Moccasin at the bottom of April and 170US on the tag! 

Futuristic, contemporary, "Cop-able", What do you guys think!! - How would you rock em'? Stay tuned!



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