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Virgil Abloh's KEEP OFF" Persian Rug Release, KEEP OFF

If you know Virgil Abloh and #offwhite, you completely understand that ANYTHING that pops up socially for and with him will be all the way traditional "Virgil" or all the way "left field" and the new "wave" IN MOTION!

So without further hesitation, we welcome "Keep Off", the first left field Virgil Abloh "MarkerAds" release scheduled to be availible May 10, 2019!!

The "Keep Off" platform is the first of 8 Persian Rug inspirations fueled exclusively by Virgil and an advanced team of inspiration from all over the world! Each of which have contributed a unique mix of artistic and design elements that make the rugs 100% "OFF" certified!

What makes them extra dope!? Each piece can be used as a full scale "welcome" rug or purchased in their larger sizes to be artfully hung as juuust the right wall drip for that empty wall in your showoff den!!!

We know, we know..., you want to know how much!? 499.00 in their starter form but the "Keep Off" babies are already going for 1/3/5k on EBAY!!  If you're a fan, don't wait until they're Abloh astronomical - you're front door and family room need them right now!! - It's a no brainier boss, "OFF" stay on!!! 


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