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Weekly Muse: Galinka Mirgaeva - Russian Roulette

When you hear the term "Russia" what immediately comes to mind!? lol - Is it like a hardcore Russian Bar, twelve "big brute" Russian bosses' smoking eerie dark Russian cigars!?

Whatever the picture, it can't stay bad long if "Galinka Mirgaeva" gets dropped into the mix!!

Two Million plus on the grammy, fitness SAVAGE, a pure BOSS in the health department and raw BEAUTY at every inch, the girl got more than "it"!

Born in the Perm Krai Region of Russia, Mirgaeva is a rare gem millions of girls would give a second life to become!! At 5'3' and about 125 pounds of natural God given goodness, Galinka carries every ounce of "weight" she puts up in the gym  as well as anything 

she "presses" online or in the media!!

Don't just take our word for it, take a trip to her side and see for yourself!! And by the way, be careful, - watch yourself - she's that very quiet "dangerously deadly" type!!!


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