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Weekly Muse - Valeria Orsini

5'9 with the heartbeat of a stallion and over 4 Million that will vouch for her credentials.... It's Valeria Orsini everybody, - welcome to our newest  Weekly Muse!!

Atlanta born, deep family heritage via Columbia, Italy and Puerto Rico, Ms. Orsini is DANGEROUS on all turfs. Non traditional in her initiation, Valeria actually got her start casualty modeling for a photographer while she was in school studying occupational therapy in Atlanta which later led to many magazine appearances and a plethora of swimsuit and premium lingerie backdrops!

Immediately inspired, Valeria then took to social media not only to dominate the snap game but to also inspire fitness and help all the other "diamonds in the rough" abroad find the "brighter path" to health, personal wellness and well deserved public adoration!!

With physical qualities that are obviously "well above average", Orsini isn't only a sharp "glass menagerie" to look at but she has the brains, heart and ambition of a girl that has her head on straight, her mind on the prize and her intentions set for nothing but the best!!

With so much "cap cap"  floating in the air these days, its always good to see an above average personality maintain such a "very average" perspective, demeanor and humble gain in life!

Valeria, we see you missy and the picture aint "half "bad"... lol - Phenomenal presence, phenomenal game, show us what the "next level" looks like because CLEARLY where you're at is quite comfortable to handle!!

Valeria Orsini Atlanta / Miami - a sight to see and quite a file to explore, take a number boys, she's a hottie!!!!!!


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