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Weekly Muse: "Vanessa Christine" - The Keeper

You've dated her. You've even bumped into her downstairs at the mall, seen her out and about and just couldn't create the right situation to get her number!!.. LOL - We can see the smile on your face right now, - yep its the story of the "Keeper"!! 

Meet Ms. Vanessa Christine$ She's another Florida native, 22 years old and fine enough to make you think once, twice, three or even fifteen times about just who you want to give all your free time to!! 

With over 347k genuine Instagram disciples, Ms. Christine comes with quite the price and why not?! - If you got it, you got it and Vanessa got ALL "a dat'"!!

Cancer's the zodiac sign on this pretty constellation and you can find her most consistently associated with her priority brand partner Knock Out Watches.

Additionally she has also dipped and dabbled with her own athletic fit wear line known as Fit2liv and obviously Vanessa spends plenty of time keeping the main "ambassador's' physique impeccable! 

Catch Vanessa Christine at her Instagram @vanessachristinex and just watch what you put your eyes on, it may change what you really want out of your love life!! lol - Its the power of a "Keeper"!!

"Stay Thirsty my friend"


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