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What Happened To Diamond Supply Co. | The Rise And Fall Of A Streetwear Brand

So what happened to Diamond Supply Co the clothing brand? The rise and fall of a streetwear brand has happened to many a business in the past, and despite being one of the largest brands in the industry they are not above a fall from grace.

In 1998, then in his early 20s, skateboarder Nick Tershay built a business plan on the invention of a skateboard bolt that he believed would revolutionize the industry.

It didn’t – but in the process, he created a cult-like universe that was home to the best skaters in the world, collected co-signs from hip-hop stars such as Odd Future, and was given a golden thumbs-up from an online community of loyal sneaker obsessives (thanks, in part, to a viral Nike Dunk collab) who rallied around Tershay and his now famous Diamond Supply Co.

In this video we break down the history of Diamond Supply Co, and explore what caused them to fall from the top of the streetwear pyramid.


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